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Welcome to my site. I am one person, not a big company. Because, I have very little over-head I am able to give you the best rate possible!

Whether you need something simple or complex Protasis Creative is here for you. A small budget should not prevent you from having a web-site that is professional looking and useful. Protasis Creative only takes on a reasonable amount of work. With very little overhead, the savings are passed on to you. My turn arounds vary depending on workload. Sample site setups with minimal customization can be turned around typically in 2-5 days. Custom sites are contigent to my overall schedule. Inquire about my schedule if you have a deadline. On average expect 10-30 day development time.

A quality professionally looking website from me can be as low as $200-300! (avoid those $1200-2400 agency prices!!!)
If, one of our sample sites is something that can work for you!

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Basic Web-sites, Complex Web-sites, Business Sites

Whether you need a basic site with 3 or 20 plus pages with or without CMS, e-commerce, blog, portfolio, business site -
Protasis Creative can give you the professional on-line presence you desire.

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Face to Face Meetings

I am in Long Beach (temporarily in Whittier, will be back in Long Beach soon!). I may consider it if it is local and the rate works for it.

Custom Sites

If, one of our sample sites doesn't work for you, you can get a custom site for a little more!

Protasis Creative can create a site to meet your vision, your Photoshop layered file can be coded into a website or reference sites can be used for inspiration. There are many options and functions that are possible. Protasis Creative can help develop a website to meet your budget. A typical custom site starts at $600.00. This can include multiple mockup of your idea or proposal sites (to be decided when you book and per the rate), standard SEO, cross-browser debugging, site installation. CMS platforms - Wordpress. HTML5 sites are an option as well. I also have experience with Zen Cart, Joomla and Shopify.

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Content Management, E-Commerce, Blogs...

Wordpress, WooCommerce, Zen Cart, Joomla...

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Payments accepted

Protasis Creative uses Paypal to process credit and debit cards (You do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit card). There are no fee charged by Paypal to you for processing any payments. Protasis Creative has a verified Paypal Account. Please visit Paypal for information on how your payment is protected.

For large projects, payments are arranged at specific milestones. See policies for specifics.

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About the Web Developer

Daniel Ortega has been developing web sites for over 10 years. He is in Long Beach, California, specifically Alamitos Beach. Downtown Long Beach to Alamitos Beach is considered the service area if any meeting are available. In some cases, a commute to Downtown Los Angeles is possible.

He is well versed in XHTML, CSS and a few other things to be dangerous. He hand-codes his sites using table-less layouts. He does not need any web-building programs. He utilizes, Jquery, javascript, Php, actionscript, MySql, Photoshop, Illustrator and other related tools. For CMS, he prefers Wordpress and Joomla. For e-commerce, he specializes in WooCommerce, along with experience in Shopify and Zen Cart.


Personal interests: I am also a musician. I have toured with a small time punk band in Europe. I play guitar, write songs and also have been playing classical piano since I was 6 years old.

Music: Nick Cave, The Veils, Palma Violets, Dresden Dolls, The National, Killers, Oasis, Clash, Damned, Tom Waits.

Movies: 2045, In the Mood for Love, Kill Bill 1&2, 500 Days of Summer, Oldboy (Korean), Sin City, Lost in Translation, Donny Darko, Velvet Goldmine, Royal Tenenbaums, Malena.

Books: Tropic of Cancer, Moor's Last Sigh, Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina, Naked Lunch, The Razor's Edge, Lolita.

Interest: Travel (Europe multiple times), art - oil painting, piano (classically trained), guitar, writing music, literature, philosophy, politics.