Custom Web Sites

Protasis Creative can create a custom site based on your vision.

We can also modify any sample site (view sample sites). If, you like the framework of the site, we can take it to the next level to give it a more custom feel to suit your vision. If, you need to be able to update some of your own content, we can set that up! A user friendly CMS (Content Management System) will be set up.

Custom web design is taken on a case by case basis. Protasis Creative will try to work with your concept or ideas. In some cases, the creative efforts needed for your site may not be within our scope or style. In this case, if it is a design issue, you can have a graphic artists that you have secured to design the concept and Protasis Creative can code it for you. Sometimes, the technical demands may be out of our range or simply impossible, we can advise on what we can do for you.


A simple custom site with supplied graphics, direction can be as little as $300-500

A more complex site depends on features, design, revisions, etc.

Amount of development time needed is a factor. I can give you a quote based on what you need. The development can be broken down into phases. For a complex site, expect minimum $500 and up. I can't imagine a site getting into the $1000s unless it is an ongoing process.

FAQ's - click here

How long will it take?

Typically it should (or can) be 1-2 weeks...but also depends on complexity of project and if there are multiple design proposals needed. I can give you an estimate, complex or large websites can take a few months. most circumstances, it mostly comes down to YOU, the client.

Timely submissions and approvals will move the project along on the estimated time schedule. When submissions lag and approvals are slow or neglected, I have to re-schedule YOUR project along with current projects. YOU MAY LOSE YOUR PLACE IN LINE. IF, there was a deposit placed and a significant amount of time passes, you may lose that deposit. I will notify you if there are issues developing. I may required organized and complete content ready before I book or decide to take your project, or an extra fee may apply if you require that we need to "feel" our way through the process. I need to charge for time, is what it comes down to.

What is the process for a custom site?

You submit your vision, outline, possibly some content. I can then give you a quote and build a proposal site and a time span to show you something (usually a few days to a few weeks, depending on project and my schedule). This may require a deposit, as I have to invest time and want to make sure you are serious. I build the site on my server for you to review. If, we are on the right track, we move to the next phase of tweaking it, or revisions, etc. If, not, you get your deposit back. The next phase is moving forward with the design or revisions, tweaks, etc. Basically, getting the site to how you want it. If, there are complex portions or a large amount of content (and labor), there will be a milestone payment. Upon full payment and approval of the site, the site will be transfered to your server and go live. I give you minimun 30 days no charge support for your site. The whole process is negotiable.

I am wary about paying a deposit, lots of horror stories of web designers taking people's money.

Well, it's true. It happens a lot. But, I am also not an overseas company. I am also verified by Paypal which means I have to confirm my financial information and location. I will not drag on the project past the time that you can't get your money back from your credit card company or Paypal. There will be no such thing as, me accepting your money and not showing you anything for months. The usually time span is a few days to a few weeks. If, you are not received the service promised, I will refund you money, promptly. I will not accept a deposit, if, my schedule is full and I can't guarantee the deadline.

This is the internet. It makes no sense for me to screw anyone over...the word gets out. Web developers that take people's money don't last, it's not worth it. If, the site is simple (and under a certain amount, usually $300), I will build a proposal site(s) or will complete the initial site first without asking for a deposit. Custom sites, I use milestone payments. With every payment, you indicate you are satisfied with the work.

What is CMS?

CMS is Content Management System. Joomla or Wordpress is the CMS. A CMS platform allows you to log-in to a user interface and edit content. All the content is stored in a database. Content can be searchable for your visitors. Joomla or Wordpress has many features that can be installed to take your web site beyond a typical static web site. Such feature may be various galleries, media players, social tools, member subscription, news feeds, email forms, simple shopping carts and more!

Can I add Flash to my site?

Yes. Flash galleries are an option, but the trend is to AVOID Flash and use a non-Flash gallery that uses j-query or HTML5. Flash is standard for viewing video. BUT, the trend is to use YouTube or Vimeo.

What if I need changes after my site goes live?

For a small fee, Protasis Creative can do any updates or additional modifications that exist outside the final client approval of the site. Protasis Creative is not responsible for code that has been altered by anyone other then Protasis Creative that compromises the sites functions or appearance.

Do you handle domain name and web hosting?

At this time, no. Please see our links in "Services" for some recommended companies.

Do you save a back up of my site?

Upon request. Protasis Creative will back up of your approved site. Protasis Creative will supply a Zip file of your site on your server. Copy this off your server and save it to your computer. If, you for any reason lose your hosting and content, you will still have a copy of your original site at time of launch. Protasis Creative cannot guarantee that we will have a copy of your site. Wordpress and Joomla has a backup plugin I can install.

Do I own the code to my custom site?

You own your content (text, images and your unique graphics). You have possession of the code and are licensed by Protasis Creative to use the code that makes up the structure and functions for your web site. All code that is open-source or from any 3rd parties have their own subsequent licenses. All licensing agreements are stated in the code. You may copyright the content and design elements but not the structure which is generally common.