WooCommerce(Wordpress) and Shopify

Standard Features:

I can help you with a variety of ecommerce solutions. Detailed information about WooCommerce and Shopify to come...for now, I have some sample sites that can be viewed.

Each platform has it's pros and cons.

Contact me for more info about any platform I work on.

Sample e-commerce sites

WooCommerce (Wordpress)

WooCommerce is a self-hosted platform, no subscription fees.

WooCommerce is on the Wordpress platform. Advantage to this is you can easily have a website/blog with a full shopping cart. Or, make the shopping cart the focus and have pages to the blog, showcase or website.

Lots of features. Paypal ready.

e-Commerce through WooCommerce can be simple to impressive.

Here are some WooCommerce sample sites


Shopify is a subscription platform that includes hosting (this has to be hosting with them). A monthly fee and percentage of sales are taken, on top of your fees from your payment processor. The back-end administration is very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The themes are professional looking, and newer themes are responsive. Paypal is standard and a few other payment processing. There are extensions to enhance the site (if the theme doesn't come with them...such as coupon codes, marketing tools, etc. these are available for a fee ranging from $20-$200 if it a premium extension.)

Rates: I can set up your Shopify site, you will need to supply theme. This includes lite CSS and HTML work if needed. Optimizing images for site. Product set up (up to 10 items).
$400.00 - may be higher if you need me to place all products and additional needs.