What's the typical process?

Contact me. Tell me what you are looking for. I will give you a quote. I work with a flat-rate quote. No surprises. For simple sites, I can put something together, show you, you approve. You pay. This can take from 3-6 days for non-complicated sites. Custom sites or sites that require multiple revisions will take longer. If, there are no periods of "waiting..." then even a complex site will take 3 weeks. Time is contingent to my schedule. I will give you a projected development time.

If, the site is complex, or a customized ecommerce site, a deposit will be required (25%). At the first phase, you will be able to back out of the project if the work doesn't mean your expectations. Or, if I fail to work on your site. No dragging out a project for months and then your web designer disappears. Within a few weeks if things aren't going as planned, you are entitle to a full refund. You will definitely see something within a few weeks, even with a complex project. Or, if I am fully booked, I'll schedule your project and accept the deposit when I have space in my schedule to deliver as promised.

For complex projects or projects with design or lots of content, milestone payments will be required. Each payment states you are satisfied with the development, so far.

All projects are built on my server for you to review. If, the work is required on your server, a 50% deposit may be necessary.

All sites are transferred to your server when full payment is received.

Do you supply Hosting?

No. But, I can recommend some companies. A good one with a very easy sign up and performance is HostMonster.

When chosing a hosting company you will most like only need economy or basic hosting. So, hosting rate should be around $40-80 a year. Anything less, and you may not be getting features you need as well as performance. Anything more, and it may be over-priced or may be high end hosting that may exceed your needs.

How Do I Pay?

Payment is accepted by Credit Cards or Paypal, only. Credit cards accepted are: Visa, MC, AMEX, DIS

Credit card payments are processed through Paypal. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay by credit card. You will receive an email invoice. Click "Pay Invoice". You will get to a choice, "Pay with Paypal", or "I Don't Have a Paypal Account". Click on that link to pay with a credit card, you do not have to create a Paypal account.

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Protasis Creative has a verified Paypal Business account.

Is there a deposit?

For simple sites and most "sample sites", usually, NO.

For custom sites, a 25% deposit may be required to schedule and show you are serious. (scheduling deposit fully refundable if project is not started)

A 25%-50% deposit may be required for some custom work. First to schedule and also to cover any customized work.

If, the site based on a "sample site" is complex or depending on the amount of content or set up, a deposit may be required.

If, you want to schedule any project to meet time constraints, RUSH, or move ahead of the line, a deposit may be required, as well as a surcharge. Subject to availability.

Do you do SEO?

All sites are SEO friendly for an organic search. And, submitted to Google (note: Google will index your site after a few months even without submission and other search engines pull from Google). This means the site is coded so that search engines can index your site and list it.

SEO stands for - Search Engine Optimization. This does not mean marketing. Which people often call SEO. Driving traffic, paid advertising, link exchanging, pay per click campaign is not SEO. But, SEO companies will call it that and charge you a premium rate for it. If, you are selling a generic item that lots of other people are selling, then you need to show up on the first page. You will need to make sure your site is correctly coded for SEO and might want to think of investing in marketing. IF, someone is looking for you by name or keywords that are related to you, then you will most like turn up on the first page of a search engine. This will depend on IF they know you are out there or stumble upon it based on a unique search. i.e. "Watches, Los angles, horror, gothic" If, you care such a product, and it's not common, you'd be listed at the top or on the first page with other sites that have related keywords.

Warning: there are "some" SEO companies that may use unscrupulous methods to generate fake traffic and links to your site to place your site higher than the competition. They do this by placing your site link on "link sites" they own or use so it seems that your site is more popular than it really is. Google will often de-list these sites and you may be punished by association. Note, some methods that these sites use may get you removed from Google. If, it is a personal site, band site, or something unique, you don't need their service. All you want to make sure that when someone uses keywords relevant to you or your product you show up at the top of the page. If, someone uses the keywords such as "your company and city" you will be at the top of the page. If, you are selling a generic item and people do not know you exists, then, traffic and back links will determine your placement.

How long will it take?

You will be given an estimate. Short answer: a week or two.

Simple sites or sites based on "sample sites" will have a development time in the range of 3-10 days. It depends on if you are placing your own content or content is being placed for you and if it is supplied in a timely manner.

Custom sites development time depends on "locking-in" the design, client approvals, information and content submissions. Revisions, late submissions, etc. will affect the projected launch date.

Custom site development time average: 5-20 days

How do I get my content to you?

Email can handle basic content, such as a few images, logo and text. IF, you have lots of images, design files, etc. You will have to organize it all in a folder (zip it if you know how to do that) and use a service such as: www.WeTransfer.com

WeTransfer.com is FREE, give you up to 2 gigs. No sign up is needed. You just upload your files and enter in the email it's going to. The link is good for 7 days.

If, you use Dropbox. I prefer not to use it. I don't like their software on my system. Please zip the folder and use WeTranfer.

Google email can handle large files. But, please, have everything in one send organized. I don't want multiple emails.

Please confirm method, so, we can sort it out, or come up with an alternative if there are issues.

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I need a face to face meeting?

Sorry, I am not geared for this. And, if, I am available for this, the rate would reflect it. A $300 website would turn into a $600 website. And, my availability would be drastically limited. I work out of my home and I am only one person so this is not a good option for me. And, if, I were to do that...the rates would at least be double. I've done it in the past and it did not work for me, profit wise and for the level of website I work on don't require staff meeting, etc. I offer affordable to mid-range sites.

I don't know anything about the stuff, can you take care of everything for me?

For an additional fee, sure. I can get your hosting/domain for you. Set up your server, email, etc. I can optimize your images, place all your content. Find or buy images. Basically, your site will exists without you having to figure things out. A non-refundable deposit is needed for certain services, such as acquiring hosting, domain, buying images (which you will be in possession even if we decide to cancel the website.

Will my site show up in Search Engines?

Your site will naturally be indexed by all search engines..which can take a few months, once it has content, on it's own. But, to speed up the process, I can submit it to Google. Google is free to submit. All sites eventually pull from Google.

Your site will show up when anyone inputs your site's domain name (www.yoursite.com), regardless if it is in a search engine.

Is there a site guarantee or support?

I give a standard 30 days support. This is for small details overlooked. Minor changes. You will approve the site before you pay so anything major would have been caught.

Your site should be fine in future browsers. If, not, contact me, I should be able to fix it for you, no charge, as long as it is the same code, excluding content, if another developer expanded on it or added features, changed code, I may not be able to help you.

Will my site work on all browsers?

Your website will be debugged for all CURRENT major web browsers (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome and Safari) at the time of launch. Any issues will be addressed before hand. Smartphones are not usually covered unless noted. Future browser updates should be backward compatible, meaning you site will work fine. Older browsers (such as IE6-7) are not guaranteed. They are antiquated browsers and time consuming to debug for while ensuring that the site works in the current browsers. It is not cost effective. Most sites will be fine in the older browsers if it is not too complex or utilized javascript.

Your site should also look fine on the iPad, if you don't use Flash components.

What about mobile (smartphones, iPhone)?

Usually, a mobile version has to made for a website. Your site will not translate correctly because the screen size and limitations of the mobile browser. There may be some options. If, your site is extremely simple, it may view fine if the layout is a "responsive layout" as the site will have to be designed with that in mind, which may limit your vision, just so you are aware, as well as, may increase the rate. If, this is essential, let me know and I will present the options and any additional rates.

What is CMS, do I need it?

If, you don't need or want to update your site yourself, no. If, your website is a blog, that will have CMS. CMS is Content Management System, this is either Wordpress or Joomla as the option, here. That means there is a backend administration area so you can update some areas easily. This doesn't mean it is super user friendly like Facebook or anything. Basic stuff is easy. Changing the layout, design, etc., usually is not. E-commerce sites have back-end administration to update your products yourself and the info pages. CMS site offer many features that would be costly to code into a non-CMS site. CMS site run off of a database so there will be some lag as opposed to a lighter coder HTML/CSS/Javascript site.

Even if your site is built on a CMS I can manage your content for you, for a small fee.

Unless the site is extremely custom, you can update your site your self. I will supply instructions. And, be available by email for question.

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a popular blogging CMS framework. There is a free hosted version which is basic and limited(www.wordpress.com) and an open-source self-hosted version (www.wordpress.org). I work with the self-hosted version which has no limitations. You need to have a domain and hosting for this version. www.wordpress.org has documentation and you can learn everything about it, including how to use it. It can be extremely simple or extremely complex.

Wordpress can be a blog with additional info pages or look like a website.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a CMS framework. It is not a blog like Wordpress, but can be. Joomla is ideal for certain type sites with options for some really cool features or business type sites. It is very flexible and ideal for custom websites. It can be simple or complex. Managing the site has a higher learning curve than Wordpress.

Random Questions:

Do you work for trade or a share of my potential website revenue?


Well, possibly. You can offer, but most likely not. If, you own a music store and can offer some quality gear in exchange for an e-commerce site, I might be interested. My Dad is a sports fan, so good seats to a Dodger games or the Lakers, might interest me.

Can I 1099 you?

No. I am a service, not an employee. This is B2B if you are a business.

Can you come to my office or home and do the work?

No. The rate, if available, and I'm willing would be drastically higher.

Can you teach me web design?

No. I am not a school. If, I build a website for you and there is CMS capability I will give you instructions on areas that apply to your site.

Can you do updates on my iWeb site or Wix site?

No. iWeb (Apple) is bad code. Wix or any of those free or DIY...you are on your own. I don't support those type of sites.