Want a Joomla site? No problem.

What is Joomla? Joomla is an open-source Content Management System platform. It is similar to Wordpress except the templates aren't blog focused. They are focused more on business and specialty type sites. It has back end administration to manage content. You can edit your text areas. You can turn on an off areas for different pages. It is very flexible. A blog section can be set up. Joomla is SEO friendly. There are many options with a Joomla site as there are 1000s of extensions.

A basic Joomla site starts at $250.00

If, you supply a premium or free Joomla theme I can set that up for you.

Other options:

Just Install Joomla on Your Server - $60

This is just a standard install. The default theme is installed. No additional plug-ins are set up. If, you are confused about installing Wordpress on your server, setting up the database, I can get this part done for you.

Placing content...rates starts at $50 and up.

As always, I give a flat-rate quote. No surprises.