Protasis Creative is a small company based in Los Angeles. The company is not part of a large corporation nor does it outsource any work to other developers or overseas countries. Protasis Creative is not a broker. The company consist of one person, Daniel Ortega, and projects are scheduled based on workload. Some projects may be rejected if Protasis Creative does not feel it is the best fit. Any meetings, face to face and by phone are scheduled, if necessary. For, face to face meetings or "client hand holding" the web development rate will be significantly higher. In most cases, everything can be handled on-line through email and a few scheduled phone meets if needed. Phone availability is limited at the basic rate. If. more attention is needed, a rate can be worked out.


Project process details

Credit Card payments (Visa, MC, DIS, AMEX) or Paypal.

For some projects there may be a minimum deposit of at least $25 to schedule your project and prove intent and identity through billing, I am verified through Paypal. This usually applies to custom sites and ecommerce set ups that are involved. Credit Card payments are processed through Paypal. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to pay by credit cards. There are no fees to you. An invoice is sent to your email. You can pay with a Paypal account or choose to pay with a Credit/debit card. This shows intent of our agreement as well as my information to who I am. Paypal verified means that my banking information has been confirmed.

All projects terms are negotiated but here are some generalities:

Deposits and milestone payments may vary per project, but here is a general guideline.

For most projects or services under $150.00. Site will be completed without milestone payments. And, possibly no deposit for some projects, promotions or select sample sites.

For projects over $150, but under $300, a 25%-50% deposit may be required.

Some sites may not require a deposit. Sites based on my "sample sites" often do not require a deposit.

Full balance will be required before site is transferred after approval. If, the client would prefer site to be developed on their server and it is a CMS site (Joomla, Wordpress, ZenCart), 50% deposit is required. Upon full payment, passwords, site specs and instruction will be released. For non-CMS type sites milestone payments are required.


For typical web development ($300 and over):

A deposit to prove intent (25%-50%). And, then, milestone payments, may be required. Deposit is to start, schedule, start design. Second installment is for design approval (design is locked in and approved by the client) and to commence coding. Third payment is code approval (working site sample) and site transfer to your hosting (site may be for testing or live). Final payment is completed site approval and you are supplied with instructions, passwords, tech specs and site backup is complied to a download folder on your server for you to download to your hard drive.

The Client and Protasis Creative will negotiate alternative terms.

Proposal site

A proposal site may be built. A deposit to move forward or full fee required is site is complete to clients approval.

Email will be used to finalize decisions and agreements.


Development Time- sites "sample or semi-custom":

Protasis Creative will give an estimation for the web development for your site. In some cases, Protasis Creative may be fully booked. Protasis Creative can only schedule a certain amount of work to guarantee deadline for other clients. If, the available development slot is unavailable, a priority rate may be worked out. A retainer option may be available to attain priority placement, jump ahead of the list. Also, contingent to previous obligations.

Most sites based off of "Sample Sites" average between 3-7 working days (if, no modifications are desired), per schedule and client ability to meet submission obligations and requirements for Protasis Creative to move forward and complete the site per schedule. client is expected to have the required content ready to get to the next stage, or opt to move forward. Additional fees (standard maintenance rates apply) will apply to add or update content after moving to the next stage. If, you need more flexible development, consider the "custom design" option.

Development Time-"total custom design" sites:

Custom designed website's may have a longer development time. There are many variables to consider. Site complexity and amount of content, revision and creative aspect, as well as, client "personalities". The more the client is prepared or has developed a definite art direction will speed up the process. Client approval process will greatly influence the development time. Development time can be anywhere between 7-90 days. Protasis Creative will create a rough development schedule once the project is outlined, understood and agreed upon by the client and Protasis Creative. Protasis Creative will insure prompt movement through each phase. A slow customer approval process may greatly affect the efficiency in the web development. The client will be restricted to a deadline to provide a response, approval or instructions after each phase is completed. If, the client does not meet the deadline, the estimated project launch date will not be met and Protasis Creative is not liable. In some cases, Protasis Creative will not start the project until ALL content and information for the website is delivered.

Backing out of Project: Protasis Creative reserves the right to end a project relationship with you for any reason that is in their best interests. A full refund will be issued (minus any expenses pre-approved by client. i.e. purchasing images, custom features, etc.

A client may back out of development at any time. Notification of intent is appreciated before we complete the work. Any fees or payments paid will not be refunded as your payment indicated you are satisfied with the phase or any work. Exception, first deposit (if, required) that has been secured before any work has been seen, this deposit is refundable if you decide not to procede for whatever reason with the development or Protasis Creative.

General considerations that affect completion time

Please consider time restrictions and scheduling availability to any work needed in regards to desired launch dates. We may not be able to accommodate all request. A normal work week is M-F. 9am to 5 pm. Instructions or data received after 5pm PST will be treated as received the following Monday 9am, unless arrangements have been made (if, the option exist).

Please be prepared to provide the necessary elements, communication and time to spend on your project, so it may be completed on time. In the event that you cannot complete your project on time (where the client holds up the development from continuing or to final completion), continued development services will be billed at the standard maintenance rates.

Please note we do not create your content (copyrighting, marketing concepts, etc.) or site information and regulations pages content. You are to supply all graphics and content. If, you need graphic design work, an extra fee will apply if it is not worked into your design package or agreement. Most of the standard web design includes at least one hour of basic graphic design (for header manipulation, image optimization and anything else for continuity to the site. Custom sites include more allocated hours. For custom sites, any available workers files will be provided within the site backup. Some files may require proprietary software. Software is not included.

Files and data

Must meet certain criteria and time scheduling for an accurate quote. Files and data received after or added after the initial quote and agreed upon content may change to original quote price and possibly completion date. Please meet submission deadlines to retain your scheduling slot. If, submission deadlines are not met, Protasis Creative cannot guarantee your promised deadline. Changes, additional work and or waiting periods may also effect scheduled completion and/or quote. Additional terms may apply at time of negotiation. These terms above may change at any time before a project is agreed upon. A contract for each project, or email agreements, will state the complete terms and may supercede all information and terms above. In most cases (except for complex and high-priced), agreement by email is fine.

Browser Compatibility

Protasis Creative will de-bug for all current browsers. In some rare cases slight variation between some browsers will occur. Protasis Creative will ensure that it does not compromise the integrity of the website. Final payment will indicate that you have approved the website and if there are any issues beyond minimal, Protasis Creative will do its best to rectify it. Please understand that to code for older browsers and all browsers and platforms is time consuming and if desired, the rate will drastically increase. There will be no de-bugging for Explore 6. In most cases, it will not be an issue.

Website Back-up

Upon request (or may be included) Protasis Creative will provide the initial back-up of your site upon completion for static HTML sites. Or, if available, a plugin or feature in teh site will be pointed out for you. (Wordpress, Zen Cart and Joomla have a backup plugin that I install, standard.) If, you request, the file will be zipped and placed in a folder titled "backup". The customer is responsible for copying any files to there hard drive or making a copy. Protasis Creative, in most cases will have the site saved for one year. Please inquire about this. The client is responsible for any further back-ups if additional updates or done by themselves or a third party. Wordpress sites - the theme and database can be backed up.

If, you need regular back-up of your site and or database, Protasis Creative can provide that service for you. Protasis Creative can refer you to instruction on how to do it yourself. Note that, Protasis Creative is not responsible for any errors you may create. To reinstall a back-up may require technical knowledge.

Maintenance/update rates

Most fees are quoted as a flat-rate. A general guideline of the standard rate follows:

Multiple hours - two and over: $60hr.

For minor updates or under 2hrs:

$30.00 per block of 20 minutes (consecutive), minimum charge $20.00.

Rush or special request have a surcharge and are a minimum charge of one hour. $180hr

*All rates are negotiable at the discretion of Protasis Creative. Reoccurring clients may get special rates.

* Updates and maintenance rates (because of a time factor) may be higher for sites that Protasis Creative did not build or create. This reason being, that not all code is written equally. It takes time to inspect, locate, understand site structure and folder system or another designer. In some cases Protasis Creative will refuse to update or work on another site created by another designer. The time it takes to figure out what the other designer did is not the time you as a client would want to pay for and Protasis Creative can not absorb that cost. I do not work on Flash sites. Wordpress, HTML with Flash video player is not considered a Flash site.

* Consistent Protasis Creative clientèle may at times benefit from special rates or at time if willing to work with a more flexible timeline my be able to offer a discount.

Webmaster Rates

Rates to be negotiated per week or month. The more hours the better the rate. Rates:$35-60hr billed at minimum .2hr then increments of .1hr.

Rates to change at any time (except during contracted month). Your rate at time of estimate or quote is locked in for 30 days.

copyright owners

Basically, the site is yours to use for whatever it was designed for. You may modify it at will. You are just forbidden to sell it or install it multiple times (except for your own use), unless you are willing to buy a developers license rate.

All code is the copyright of all respective owners. Code my be open-source or allowed free use from other developers. Many times, these notices are in the code. The client does not buy the right to re-sell (as another design agency or as template supplier) any code created or assembled by Protasis Creative except in change of ownership of the created website. The client has full use of the code, portions of, manipulations and website for their business and personal use.

If, the client provides a unique design or the design created by Protasis Creative for the client is unique in nature, then copyright for design may apply. Functions, code and layout framework would not apply to a copyright.

If, Protasis Creative provides the complete design or elements within the design, Protasis Creative may use exact, similar or varied aspects of the design or code. All sites created by Protasis Creative may be displayed in the Protasis Creative portfolio and or company profile. All sites will also have the text in no smaller than a 10px font in the footer of all pages "web design: Protasis Creative" or any variation there of along with the site owners legal text. If, you'd like your site not carry the Protasis Creative text a surcharge may be added to your quote.

Protasis Creative does not do create sites for other developers or web companies, if so, the web site must have the Protasis Creative text in the footer, or credit in the code.

Protasis Creative uses open-source code in certain areas. The client has the same rights to the open-source as everyone else. In this case, open-source is freely open to use, manipulate, sell.

Payment details

Forms of payments: Protasis Creative accepts Credit Cards (Visa, MC, Discover Card, American Express). Protasis Creative has a PayPal Business account, which is a Verified Account which will process the credit card payments. There are no fees to you.You can use your debit/credit card for payment through Paypal, there are no fees to you to make any payments. I do not accept e-checks. I will submit a request for payment invoice through your email. Immediate Payment is required.

Other payment arrangments may be made, but need to be confirmed before the project is accepted. I will also accept Post Office money orders, but with a "milestone payments" it may create a slow moving process. In this case, sometimes "pre-payments", or a retainer may be desired. I do not accept personal checks.

If, you are a company (a real one with an accountant, brick and mortar, company checks) I will accept a company check. I will not accept 1099. This is B2B service. Please confirm form of payment.

These policies may change or expired at Protasis Creative's discretion, but current policy will be posted here.

Paypal Verified

Protasis Creative is Paypal Verified (Business Account). This means that Paypal has verified the accounts banking information and address. If, you use your Paypal account for payment, there is added protection on your purchase. Protasis Creative uses Paypal as a payment gateway to process debit and credit card payments. The credit cards that are accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. There are no additional fee to pay by this method.


Protasis Creative does not share clients information with any 3rd party, nor does Protasis Creative send any general promotional or information emails unless without any newsletter sign up. Sign up list will not be shared to any 3rd party.