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Want a Wordpress site? Blog or website setup, no problem.

-Start Blogging!

-Get an Affordable Website!

-Do your own updates!

-Have an On-line Store!

-Website for your business!

Wordpress: blog, website, ecommerce!
It can be one of those, combination or all three. Wordpress is a CMS platform so you have backend administration so you can do most of your updates yourself. It is self-hosted (this is the .org version), so you will need to have hosting. This is not the Wordpress.com version which is limited in options and requires a subscription to get any pro-level advantages or website.

Here are some website samples built in Wordpress.

Ecommerce site
Blog site
Business site
Business site
Film Portfolio

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a CMS (content management system) platform. It has an administration area that allows you to easy post to your blog and can update content in your site, create image galleries, easily post videos(Youtube, Vimeo and self-hosted). It can be a very simple set up to a very complex set up. There are Free themes and Premium themes that can be used, some are easy to set up, others, not so much. Customized themes can also be created or those Free and premium themes can be modified, by me to give you the website you are looking for.

Here are some links to Wordpress.org that goes into great detail:

What is Wordress? from Wordpress.org
Wordpress Lessons - from Wordpress.org

Wordpress is an open-source platform. You can actually build your own site or set up Wordpress yourself. All the information is readily available on the Wordpress.org site. Is it easy to do? For "some" people, no. It depends how much time and patience you have if you are starting from a very limited knowledge level. It might take you months with full weekends devoted to figuring out things, doing searches on how to do things with hours of frustration. And, in the end, you probably won't get what you were envisioning. Many people don't have or don't want to spend the time figuring it out. They want a blog or website set up and then all they need to do is quickly learn how to run it. This option can be 2-5 days for a basic set up or a few weeks for a more complicated set up, if you were to use my services.

Even a skilled web developer has to take time to learn Wordpress or to do anything custom will need an understanding of PHP. So, even a someone that knows all this web stuff, can take a full weekend to a few months to fully understand it.

Your time is precious.

I can help.

Install with a selected Free Theme starts at $125.00

This is a standard Wordpress install, such as a choice of a Free Theme from the Wordpress.org site, or I also have some standard frameworks to build a theme. Sometimes you just need a logo or your header at top with a blog and side panels with certain features and plug-ins. This doesn't have to be expensive.

Depending on the theme and content and additional plugins will determine the rate. For a basic site with a standard type free theme, standard plugins (see list below) and standard set up (does not include placing content, except for logo, if it applies), the rate is $125.00.

I set up home page, pages, blog section, side bars, menus, contact form.

This basically gets you to the point where you are ready to get blogging and enter in your content. The technical stuff and plugins are set up for you as well as any settings. Additional rate to place your content. I get you to the point where you are ready to go.

Standard Wordpress install with customization or installing provided Premium Theme set up
(that you purchase)....rates start at $150.00

I get you to the point where you are ready to go.

Same as above, all the technical stuff is taken care of for you. Additional rate to place your content. Customization to a Premium Theme outside of themes flexibility dependent on theme.

Custom Wordpress sites start at $300 and up....

Other options:

Just Install Wordpress on Your Server - $45

This is just a standard install. Out of the box. Perhaps, you want to learn everything yourself after the set up, experimenting with different themes, set ups, etc. You've got the will and the time to do it!

The default theme is installed. No additional plugins are set up. If, you are confused about installing Wordpress on your server, setting up the database, I can get this part done for you.

Customizing a Theme - free or premium (if, supplied)...ask for quote.

Typical additional rate averages $40-100, per individual customized element.

Placing content...rates starts at $50 and up.

Complete handling available. Rate vary by site, features, content....

As always, I give a flat-rate quote. No surprises.

Standard Plug-ins

Plugins installed are contingent to hosting PHP version.

More Plug-ins

There are litereally thousands of plugins available, some Free some for a price. Some themes will have many plugins included or my sample sites will use specific plugins for the site. Depending on a set up for that site, the price for any additional plugins (cost and setup) will be included.

Wordpress Updates - Changes

Yes, I can take care of your Wordpress needs. Email me at dortega@protasiscreative.com
or use my contact form.